Three million people in the City of Angels

I am so excited to currently be working on City of Angels with the Ohio State School of Music and Department of Theatre! I can without a doubt say that this show is unlike anything else I've ever worked on, and it has been such a rewarding and fun rehearsal process.

City of Angels tells two stories simultaneously: that of the real world and that of a movie world. Based in Hollywood, the musical centers on a writer named Stine who is struggling to adapt his 1940s detective novel for the big screen while maintaining his artistic integrity and his marriage. Meanwhile, in the movie world, Stone, a private detective, is pegged to investigate the disappearance of one of Hollywood's bad girls. These two worlds weave in and out of each other as the distinction between fact and fiction becomes less clear. 

I play Dr. Mandrill, a kooky (and dubious) spiritual advisor; Gilbert, the over-eager and high-strung assistant to and nephew of movie producer Buddy Fidler; and Porno Vendor, a sleazy man who (you guessed it!) sells porn on the streets of 1940s Hollywood. All three of my characters play on extremes, and it's been so much fun to push the boundaries further and further throughout the rehearsal process. My favorite has to be Gilbert; no matter what he does or how hard he tries, he'll never be good enough for his Uncle Buddy. I like to think that his failures make him adorably awkward and lovable.

Our opening night is just two weeks away! City of Angels is one of the biggest shows I have ever worked on, and I am so excited (and slightly nervous!) to head into tech week. I may be crazy, but I LOVE tech weeks. There's something so inspiring to me about the weeks just before a show opens when the work of hundreds of people finally comes together to create a final product. Theatre is inherently collaborative; you have to work with and rely on others. It's always humbling to recognize that I am just one cog in a giant machine and encouraging to see just how much people are capable of when they work towards a shared goal. I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

City of Angels runs October 30th through November 9th, 2014 at the Thurber Theatre in the Drake Performing Arts Center. For more information, visit the Ohio State Department of Theatre website here

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