Hello, Mr. Kringle

I have the coolest job. Over holiday break, I work at a place called Kringle's Inventionasium, a twist on the trip to visit Santa. Families are transported to Mr. Kringle's workshop, where they have been specially invited to be guest inventors. Visitors go through several stations, where they invent new toys, develop fresh ideas, and try out experiments. After they tour the Inventionasium, they meet the big man himself!

The Inventionasium is littered with larger than life characters who assist the visitors with their inventing. That's where I come in. I play Boyzenberry Hiccup, Mr. Kris Kringle's nephew. Boyzenberry has a twin sister, a big blue fro, a Hope scout sash with a dozen badges, and a constant desire for acceptance. Boyzenberry is just one of the many citizens of North. All these characters have very specific backstories and relationships. It's so much fun to take this information, internalize it, and then embody the character fully while on the floor. I'm kinda scripted, but mostly improv-ing based off of what the visitors and my fellow actors give me that day. This unpredictability scared me at first, but now I'm just having fun with it.


The overall goal of Kringle's is to encourage kids' creativity and imagination. Children are encouraged to be silly and to play, something I think kids are being taught not to do more and more frequently. It's a magical place, with bright colors, fun sounds, and contagious holiday cheer. It's so difficult to describe and so much better to just experience.

I just love working at a place that brings joy into people's lives. I get so happy when a kid proudly shows me a creature they made or smiles in amazement when we make snow together or they catch a bubble in the palm of their hand. I wish all adults lived life with the wonder and amazement that children do. There's so much beauty and joy around us, and being around kids reminds me to take the time to appreciate it.

Danny DiMarinoComment